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Embrace a Non Guilty Pleasure now!

Tired of preparing meals, cleaning dishes or stopping for an overpriced sandwitch? Look no further. We are ultimately driven by the mission to save time yet stay healthy in a fun way. We challenge traditional foods with radical honesty and provide a wholesome confectionery snacking. #eatCheatless shows that is totally possible to eat healthy and tasty food in a convenient way. Your three meals a day lifestyle is long gone, even your grandma is snacking instead of doing meals. However, not all snacks are created equal.
We combined the best wholesome ingredients to fulfil your nutritional needs. We bring convenience and the next taste innovation in your protein. Unlike most candy alternative bars that are filled with sweeteners and unpronounceable ingredients - our protein bar provides confectionery flavor from wholesome ingredients and has on average less ingredients, 70% more BCAA* / same bar weight than traditional protein bar. Explore our mouth-watering flavors and embrace a Non Guilty Pleasure now!
*BCAA (Big and - Crazy - Athletes - Acronym)
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