Bar Quality

Here at Cheatless we strive to bring product of the highest quality at good prices for consumer. 

We reduce our marketing budget just to save costs and pass them on to final client. However, we never cut back on quality which is the essence of Cheatless. 

Just as our hand drawn illustrations indicate we are not the best at branding and marketing but we sure are at manufacturing high quality protein bars.

Quality First 

Our bar production factory is based in Lithuania, along with fellow Cheatless team. Opened in 2018 in a brand new 4000 sq.m. production facility, today working with a highly trained personnel who day after day try to ensure a highest quality bar production. To ensure not only quality but safety we have implemented a global food safety and quality standard - BRC (British Retail Consortium).

Protein bar

Food quality and safety management according to BRCGS global food and safety program the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) concept serve as the basis for the manufacturing of our high-quality Cheatless protein bars.

Our quality guidelines and goals are set according to these standards – standards to which each individual Cheatless employee holds himself accountable daily. Responsibilities and procedures are clearly regulated via concrete directives for quality and food safety activities. The transparent procedures and measures, such as the careful selection of raw materials and constant quality control (critical control points e.g. storage temperatures, metal control, mesh) of incoming goods from production to dispatch, guarantee the best possible product safety. Products are checked for quality by both our in-house laboratory and by external institutes.

Regular Cheatless protein bar consists of 11 ingredients, 99% of those are imported from European / Asian countries. We have a full traceability of every ingredients and are in contact with suppliers to ensure the highest quality materials are received and used for bar production. 

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