Why is it Cheatless?
The ingredients used in bar are only of the highest quality. Protein source rich in BCAA, a great source of quality food for muscles and overall well being. 

Are Cheatless protein bars Gluten Free?
Yes, they are. They do not contain gluten as well as are processed in a facility that does not handle gluten, thus there is no gluten contamination.

Do they contain sugar alcohol?
Yes. However, in no coating bars there are only a few grams that come from Vegetable Glycerine. In the coated version bars contain Maltitol which derived from natural source. 

Do Cheatless have artificial sweeteners?
No. The sweetness in bars comes from natural sweeteners like Stevia and other like Maltitol. 

Is it vegeterian and Vegan Friendly?
Vegan NO. Vegeterian YES. Since we do not add collagen which in most bars is present and the source of collagen is usually bovine bones, fish skin, ect. Thus, our protein bars are vegetarian friendly and bones/skin free. 

What is protein source?
Milk/Whey Protein. Unlike other products, we use the most expensive and highest quality protein which results in highest BCAA* content/bar. *Branched-Chain Amino Acids. 

Are Cheatless protein bars suitable for children?
Our protein bars were created with adults in mind. While there will be no side effects for a few bites but it is better to hold these bars for yourself. Milk protein may be more difficult to digest for children rather than adults.

Do Cheatless protein bars contain additives?

Do you use Palm Oil?
We do not use any Palm oil in Cheatless protein bars. 

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